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ENS Media helps marketers and media to increase their sales at a profit.

About Us

ENS Media consults, coaches, mentors and trains managers and account executives at media companies across North America to increase their local direct sales.

Our thought-leadership articles have appeared in various trade magazines like Radio Ink, Podcast Business Journal, Let’s Talk Business, Broadcast Dialogue and more.

We’ve trained more than 5,000 media salespeople in the latest sales best practices, taking a customer-focused approach to building stronger long term customer relationships.

We’ve spoken to rave reviews at national, state and provincial industry association conferences and to Chambers of Commerce, Ad and Sales Clubs, university marketing classes, franchise associations and more. 

President Rick Fink is a 30-year veteran and managed one of America’s largest billing small-market radio sales teams. To learn how ENS Media can help increase your revenues and train your sales team, contact [email protected].

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SoundADvice is one of the most useful branding and training tools ever designed to help radio account executives obtain new clients and higher revenues...



Winning in the New Media Economy

Winning in the New Media Economy
This turnkey sales training and advertiser seminar system is proven to persuade advertisers to use more radio in their new media mix.
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