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Wayne Ens in an international marketing consultant, business-to-business sales trainer and author, specializing in helping media companies create stronger partnerships with locally-owned businesses.  Wayne has worked with radio stations, TV, newspapers, and billboard companies to help their local-direct advertisers improve their R.O.I., return on investment.

Wayne began his media career as a reporter for Thomson Newspapers, but quickly transferred to their advertising sales department where he found many more opportunities to exercise his creative ideas.

Since then he’s held sales and management positions in newspaper, radio, and TV where he consistently increased sales at rates far above industry averages. He’s been a regular contributor to many trade magazines including Radio Ink in the U.S. and Broadcast Dialogue in Canada.

His advertising seminars have helped many local advertisers improve their results with host media companies, resulting in dramatic increase in sales for both the media companies and their advertisers.

Wayne had the priviledge of working with TOMA Research with Mark Rood, whom unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

Ens Media training follow a Guided Discovery model, where questions, challenges and interaction replace traditional seminar or lecture styles. Participant have more fun, learn more, and get involved with exercises they can actually use right away to increase their sales.


Rick is a native of South Dakota and is a lifelong radio industry veteran of 30 plus years. Prior to becoming the President of ENS Media USA, he was the Sales Manager for an eight-station cluster recognized as one of America’s top billing small market groups. His team produced continual growth for 20 years. Rick was instrumental in training and leading a Local Direct Team as well as creating new Local Direct Clients.

He started his radio career with a short On-Air stint. Then, after moving to the sales side, he quickly learned that coaching and helping others succeed was his greatest passion and spent twenty years helping his sales reps and clients become extremely successful.

Rick’s lifelong pursuit of learning, training, and coaching in management, marketing, and sales, coupled with his proven track record of building sales teams that shatter industry records, makes him an ideal person to continue the legacy of ENS Media.

His mentor and former lifelong General Manager, Don Jacobs, had this to say about Rick; “Rick Fink was a GREAT “in the trenches” Sales Manager. He wasn’t a rating’s driven revenue builder or behind the desk leader. He went out with seasoned and new sellers and worked with them developing NEW Local Direct Business and growing existing business. Rick is one of the BEST Sales Managers/Leaders in the Country”.

ENS Media’s seminars have helped many local advertisers improve their results with host media companies, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales for both the media companies and their advertisers. Rick’s passion for passing his wisdom and the Ens Media systems onto your sales team can be summed up by Zig Ziglar’s quote; “You can have whatever you want in life if you are willing to help enough other people get what they want”.

Besides marketing, Rick’s other passion is high school and college wrestling. He officiates NCAA and NAIA college and high school at the highest levels. He and his wife, Belinda, have 3 children, 2 grandchildren and like spending time with their family at their homes in South Dakota and Florida. 

You can contact Rick at [email protected] or call (605) 310-2062.


Belinda Fink

[email protected]


Belinda worked in federal law enforcement for over 30 years, retiring in 2017.  In her position of Administrative Officer, she worked closely with Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies while overseeing three separate offices. 

Belinda was entrusted to handle highly sensitive and confidential information daily.   Her intense organizational skills, along with her unique ability to communicate and work with many different personalities is what keeps ENS Media running smoothly without missing a beat. 

Belinda administers and coordinates SoundADvice, our weekly advertiser e-tips, along with ENS on Sales, the weekly e-tips for business to business sellers and sales managers.  She also coordinates the TOMA Surveys and makes sure all the details for the seminars and workshops are taken care of in a timely manner.  If Belinda is in charge, all the T’s are crossed, and the I’s are dotted.

Rick and Belinda work together conducting fun interactive seminars and workshops designed to bring all of the various media departments (sales, production, accounting, traffic, creative etc.) together in a stronger team effort.

Belinda loves to travel and spend time with Rick, their children and their grandchildren.  



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