Yearly Archives: 2014

Pressing the Right Buttons

There is a classic marketing tale about a major shopping center that experienced a failure in the elevators that took shoppers to their main floor. It was costing them thousands of dollars a minute in lost sales. The mall manager was panicking. She had called several service companies, but none of them seemed to be… [Read More]

The Unvarnished Truth About ‘Flat’ Radio Sales

I’ve solved the flat radio revenue puzzle! For some time now I’ve been pondering why major market radio is crying the blues, but many small and medium sized markets are doing just fine, thank you. Of course, soft major market revenues have a huge statistical impact on total radio revenues across the country, creating the… [Read More]

Social Media Mayhem

Social media ‘professionals’, those people whose careers and fulltime effort go into studying and understanding the ramifications of social media, are finding that world challenging. Nearly 70% of them in an October 2014 Harris Poll published by eMarketer, found assessing the effectiveness of social media challenging.   Over 60% found designing a social media strategy,… [Read More]

Imagine a Grumpy Santa

How popular would Santa be without his smile and his Ho…Ho…Ho? And how famous would the Mona Lisa be had she been painted with a frown instead of that knowing smile? Studies in neuroscience, anthropology, and psychology all confirm the powerful of influence of smiles. Telephone solicitors know that their closing ratios actually improve if… [Read More]

2015 Can Be Radio’s Year!

Many of the broadcasters I talk to are caught up in the same digital frenzy that has afflicted their local advertisers.   Sure, our clients and prospects have a keen interest and a huge appetite for all things digital.  But even the most digitally-enthusiastic and most anti-traditional media forecasters,  predict traditional media will outsell digital/online properties… [Read More]