Monthly Archives: March 2016

What Do You Compete On?

Rate?  Reach? Frequency?  Creative?  Format?  Personality?  Demographics? The most profitable, sustainable, and fun area to compete in is to compete on trust. The three most critical strategies to creating trust are; 1.)    Become known for what you know. Your local prospects and clients today are looking for someone who has the knowledge to help them… [Read More]

Broadcast Deserves 78% of Advertiser Budgets

 The Advertising Research Foundation released a study at last week’s Re!Think       Conference that makes the case for radio advertising.      The ‘How Advertising Works Today’ study, hailed as “the most extensive industry study in more than a quarter century”, spanned 5000 campaigns for 1,000 advertisers in 41 countries.      The study… [Read More]

Telling Radio’s Story

Brian Russell, the COO of Media Distribution Solutions, shared some research about the power of video at the recent Local Online Advertising Conference in New York. Their research revealed that having video on a website makes it 53 times more likely to be found on Google, and that emails with videos get 50% more clicks… [Read More]


Imagine you have never done business with me before, and I approach you with an exotic sports car I have for sale. I tell you the car is ‘valued at’ $100,000, but I’m only asking $50,000. What are you thinking? Probably one or more of the following; 1.) Who or what makes the car ‘valued… [Read More]