Monthly Archives: August 2021

A Little Dose of Good!

  A friend of mine, whose opinion I value very much, sent this video to me the other day and I thought it was worth sharing.   In a world that seems divided, it’s a message like this that affirms there is a LOT MORE good than there is bad.   The video is short… [Read More]

What’s the Purpose of THIS Call?

As media reps, we make sales calls for a variety of different reasons. Depending on the stage of your relationship with a client, each call has a different purpose.   At the beginning of the sales process, we make cold calls to introduce ourselves. Beyond cold calls, we make calls to conduct a Q&A or CNA. We… [Read More]

Education – A GREAT Investment

Without sounding too critical, let me make a bold statement. “Most business owners don’t know diddly about advertising”. The only things they know are what they have learned from trial and error. But the fact of the matter is that most have had very little education about HOW and WHY advertising works!   Understanding how and why advertising works isn’t a trait… [Read More]

Creating Call-Ins

Ahhh, the good ole call-in. Are you receiving call-ins at your stations? A few, or a lot?   Good inbound leads today are hard to come by, especially if you don’t have a system in place to generate call-ins.   The one thing every station should have is a system to create call-ins. The best… [Read More]