A Good Spring Cleaning

While March 20th was officially the first day of spring, in some parts of the country, it really doesn’t feel like spring until much later. That’s especially true this year for those of us in the north. It’s late April and we’re still not sure spring has sprung!

When you think of spring cleaning, you think of washing the windows, thatching the lawn, and picking up the sticks and leaves. Some go much deeper and include washing and cleaning the garage floors, vacuuming, dusting, and washing vents, baseboards, windowsills, blinds, light fixtures, and shades. They call that deep spring cleaning!

There are many reasons why we should do a spring cleanup both inside and out. Without going into specifics, spring cleanup prepares us for the next few months. Not only is your home clean, inside and out, but it’s also healthier and you and your lawn are better prepared for new growth.

That relates to you and your home. But what about your business?

In sales, it seems that more often than not we simply go about our days and only think about cleaning our office area and evaluating how we go about our profession at the very end or beginning of each year.

Springtime is a great time to stop, pause, and think about how your 2023 has started off, and it’s a great time to make necessary adjustments and get ready for growth.

Start by looking at your workspace; is it clean and fresh? Does it provide a positive, light, and creative space or is it drab, dark, cluttered, and uninspiring? Do the same thing with your clothing. Do you need to throw out some of the old and get a new clean, fresh, and professional look? Is your vehicle clean, inside and out? Remember, you are being judged by everyone around you. Your co-workers, your leaders, and your clients and prospects!

Next, does your workspace need a spring cleaning? Even if you are one of those people that believes you function better in clutter, the truth is, when we spruce up and organize our space, we feel better about ourselves, and we can’t help but function much better! This includes your desktop and your files, paper and digital. I have never once cleaned or spruced up anything, car, wardrobe, or workspace, and said to myself, “Man I wished I hadn’t done that. I was more productive when it was dirty and unorganized”. I doubt you have either!

Lastly, do a quick check to make sure all your tools are prepared and in place for the coming months. Are you prepared to keep everything in tip-top shape so that you can look, feel, and function at a maximum level so you can be as productive as possible?

A good spring cleaning is good for the Mind, Body, and Soul, in Life, and in Business!