How to “Upsell” More

The most common time to upsell a current client is at renewal time. While this is an opportune time to do so, it’s not the only time that we should be looking to upsell.

As media reps, it’s our job to look for opportunities to help our clients grow their business.

The question is why don’t we upsell more? We have found there are two primary reasons; one, we’re afraid to ask for the additional dollars while the client is already spending money with us, and two, we don’t have a reason to ask for additional dollars!

The key to overcoming both reasons can be summed up with one word, IDEAS!

All business owners really want from their media rep is “ideas”. Ideas to help them grow their business. If you can bring a good idea to them, they will spend the money to engage that idea! Even if they don’t have the money in their budget, they will find the money if the idea is strong enough!

The ideas can come in the form of a sales event or in-store promotion. It can be a great creative idea that will enhance and make their current campaign stronger. It can be a cross-promotion with another client or your radio station. If it’s an idea that will help them grow their business, present it to them, chances are they will buy it!

One last key to successful upselling is that you don’t just “tell” them the idea, but rather you present it to them in a “formal presentation”. Explain your “idea” in detail. Lay everything out from beginning to end and show them what the successful outcome looks like.

If you want to upsell more and help your clients more, come up with more “Ideas”!  Ideas are the answer to upselling!

I love to help come up with ideas, so if you ever need help, reach out and let’s talk!