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Marketing & Motivation Consultants

ENS Media helps marketers and media to increase their sales at a profit.


 Why Radio | Why Advertise ENS Media's Why Radio?/Why Advertise?

You need to establish the need for advertising and the need for radio in the advertising mix before you go on to explain why your station deserves a piece of their pie.  Here's how...


 Magic Formulas ENS Media's Magic Formulas

In a world of new media hype and competitive legacy media, account executives must know how to sell radio’s strategic fit in the new media mix.


 OAB Radio When You Need It Radio: There When You Need It

The Ontario Association of Broadcasters has produced this pro-radio spot to promote radio as a fabulous and viable media.


 Client Needs AnalysisMarketing Analysis (CNA)

Use this document to assess your business model at least once per quarter to review your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Advertising to Sales Ratio ChartAdvertising Ratios and Budgets

The advertising budget-to-sales ratio is designed to show whether the resources a company spends on an advertising campaign helped to generate new sales.

ENS Media Marketing FunnelMarketing Funnel

This funnel clearly illustrates the different roles intrusive and passive media have in the marketing mix.  The most successful advertising needs to appeal to both ends of the funnel to capture a purchase.

Advertising by ObjectiveAdvertising by Objective

A sample of clear and specific objectives of an advertising

Advertising to Sales GraphsAdvertising to Sales Graphs

Graphs which help you outline and practice articulating the Advertising Sales Graph to help your clients understand the importance of being consistent in their advertising.

Customer SurveyCustomer Survey

How do you measure up to your client’s expectations?

Key Account ManagementKey Account Management Form

Keep track of your most important customers.


Product Cycle ConsultantThe Product Purchase Cycle

Demonstrating the role of the product cycle.



Creative BriefCreative Brief

Use this form to help guide your creative team in writing the perfect message for your client.



Do's & Don'ts of Sales MeetingsTen Do's & Don'ts of Sales Meetings

Use these 10 tips to conduct effective sales meetings.



Post Campaign Marketing AnalysisPost Campaign Analysis

Use this document  monitor your client's advertising results and improve results on their next campaign.


PreQualifying Score Sheet PreQualifying Score Sheet

Use this sheet to help identify your extremely high-potential prospects and prospects worth investing more time on pre-call research and post-SWOT Analysis follow up.



Value Added Value-Added Rate Card