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ENS Media helps marketers and media to increase their sales at a profit.


What will a Top-of-Mind Awareness Survey do for you?

arrow.pngProve that broadcast advertising  drives increased online and mobile web traffic

arrow.pngValidate the roll of Share-of-Mind awareness in the marketing funnel

arrow.pngProve that local radio and TV advertisers are getting results

arrow.pngMake it easy for your account executives to capture more new business appointments

arrow.pngAttract more new local  revenue for you

We’ll consult with you to determine the new business opportunities in your market, and custom-tailor a
Share-of-Mind Research Awareness survey to help you capture those opportunities.

We’ll train your sales team to use your Share-of-Mind Research to capture more appointments, and to close more sales.

We can even use your survey to attract potential new advertisers to a seminar to persuade them they need more broadcast advertising in their media mix.

Our surveys prove that a strategy of broadcast to inspire and internet to inform will eliminate the need for local advertisers to use any form of print, including coupons, yellow pages, direct mail and newspaper.

Your local Share-of-Mind Research Report will prove the power of broadcast advertising in search engine optimization.



For Media


SoundADvice is one of the most useful branding and training tools ever designed to help radio account executives obtain new clients and higher revenues...



Winning in the New Media Economy

Winning in the New Media Economy
This turnkey sales training and advertiser seminar system is proven to persuade advertisers to use more radio in their new media mix.
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