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ENS on Sales is Wayne's free weekly media sales tip.  We provide short, useful bits of advice every week to help you expand and grow your business.  We address topics such as:

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  • Communication strategies and tactics
  • Sales and advertising techniques
  • Marketing and your return on investment
  • Selling techniques
  • Sound business practices
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Prospect for “PASSION”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will tell you that there are approximately 60 registered businesses for every 1000 population within a city. Of these 60 registered businesses, we suspect approximately 50 of them are viable prospects that have the ability to advertise on some level. So, in a city of 50,000 people you have approximately 2,500 viable prospects!

If you have been to one of our workshops or seminars in the past five years, you’ve heard us say that Main Street is shrinking, and that the best places to prospect today are in the service and professional business categories. But regardless of the business category, there is one important quality to look for when prospecting. That quality is… an owner who has “PASSION” for their business!

If you read last week’s ENS on Sales, Just Fishing or Trying to Land the Big One, you’ll recall I stated that nearly every six-figure account my sales team landed took three to six months to land, and some even longer. What I didn’t say was that these same accounts started out spending small and grew from there. But ultimately these business owners all had one major thing in common! You guessed it… they ALL had PASSION for what they did.

There is no secret to identifying those who have it. You’ll feel the passion once you meet them. They get excited, even “gitty” when they talk about what their company has to offer. They share more exciting stories, have more love for their employees and customers, are more open to your ideas and have bigger dreams for their business.

When prospecting, look for the business owners who have passion. Then have the patience and knowledge to help them get where it is they want to go! All they need is someone like YOU, who has nearly as much passion about their business as they do and knows how to make advertising work.

Are your Advertising Reps trained properly to handle these and other accounts? If you have the passion to help your reps be all they can be, click here and let’ s discuss how ENS Media can help train and brand your sales team as marketing professionals.

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