Yearly Archives: 2008

There are No Surprises

There Are No Surprises Are you hearing the dreaded “c” words; ‘cancellations’ and ‘cutbacks’?   If you are surprised by a cutback or a cancellation, I’m sorry, but you have NOT been doing your job!   Account executives who truly know and super-serve their accounts are NEVER surprised buy cancellations and cutbacks. Their intimate knowledge of… [Read More]

Off the Street

OFF THE STREET Formula One racers often make two to three pit stops of up to ten seconds each to fit fresh tires, make minor performance adjustments, refuel or make emergency repairs. In total they can ‘waste’ up to thirty seconds ‘off the street’ in the pits, even though races are often won or lost … [Read More]

Could Radio Use a Little German Engineering?

Could Radio Use a Little German Engineering?   Quick, which company do you think benefits from the image of ‘German engineering’ ?           a)  BMW?           b)  Mercedes Benz?           c)  Volkswagen?           e)  Porsche?            f)   Audi?           The answer is ‘g’…all of the above.           While other car companies bash it out to… [Read More]

Being the Best That You Can Be

Being the Best That You Can Be I can’t read statistics without smiling. I once scanned the websites of four different health-related charities like the Cancer Society and the Diabetes Association.  Each claimed the disease they were trying to cure was the number one cause of death.  When I added up the percentages of their… [Read More]

Countdown to Prosperity

Countdown to Prosperity             Since the end of World War II 1945, we’ve experienced 10 economic cycles.             During that period the average decline lasted 10 months, and the average recovery lasted 57 months. And according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, each period of prosperity has been more prosperous than its predecessor. Have you… [Read More]