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Commitment            Some words are very predictive of outcome. The word ‘try’ for example has always told me the outcome has a 50/50 chance of success, at best.           When I had two teenage daughters and asked them to be home by midnight, I knew the outcome would not be favorable if they said, “We’ll… [Read More]

The New Learning

The ‘New’ Learning           It’s been said that, “The ability to learn faster than your competitor is your only sustainable competitive advantage.”           But ‘learning’ has come under the knife in recent years. Many conferences and face-to-face sales training events have been replaced by less costly and less time consuming virtual learning events.           As a… [Read More]

Like Fries with That?

Would you Like Fries with That?              You have invested a lot of time, money and effort to get that sale. There is wear and tear on your vehicle, gas and parking money, the usual time consuming activities of research, pre-call planning, prospecting, presenting and more.             Now you finally got the sale and you… [Read More]

Templates and Robots

Templates and Robots           How do you feel when someone is giving you an obviously canned pitch or presentation that does not appear to be tailored specifically to you?           I’m often asked for standard presentation ‘templates’ or for pre-scripted answers to objections. Those who are looking for magic templates and processes are simply looking… [Read More]

No One Can Sell Like you

No One Can Sell You Like YOU!           So your prospect says they like your presentation, but they want to present it to a board, partner or solicit a co-sponsor. Don’t let that happen! ·        No one knows your product, or has the passion for your product, like you. ·        There may be questions the… [Read More]