Monthly Archives: July 2015

Radio Revenue Increases

This July 24th article in Media Life asks, “What’s behind Radio ad spending gains?”  Could it be that advertisers are finding the glitter on the shiny new media is not yielding gold?  Businesses that have built strong brands with broadcast media, don’t lose those brands the instant they cut their broadcast. For a period of time, ‘cheaper’… [Read More]

Three Ways Your Prospect’s Say ‘No’

The three most polite ways to stop a rookie radio rep in their tracks are to say; My budget is allocated for this year, come back next year. I’m too busy and can’t handle any more business. Send me your media kit. Number one, the budget excuse, is never true. If you’re talking to the… [Read More]

Are You Targeting?

   We review hundreds of radio sales presentations every month to help stations increase their closing ratios and, their average sale. But lately we’ve noticed a huge common shortcoming.           Virtually every presentation sells radio’s ability to ‘target.’ But there is virtually no discussion about targeting the advertiser’s message!           We see station clusters that… [Read More]

Radio’s Big Surprise

Your clients tend to think of Millennials as permanently attached to their smartphones. They also tend to think of radio as a medium used mostly by older people, the ones who can’t quite figure out how to work an iPod. Both of those stereotypes are dead wrong, along with a lot of other ideas about… [Read More]