Monthly Archives: August 2019

You’ve Been Lied To

Have you ever had a business owner tell you after you made your presentation that they don’t have the budget? Sure, you have. If you are dealing with the true decision-maker, you have just been lied to! It’s not a lie in the sense that it was meant to hurt you. It was more of an excuse… [Read More]

They “Indeed” Get It!

If you missed it, Radio INK’s Radio Headlines reported that the mammoth online job site Indeed was radio’s largest advertiser for the week of August 5th. Why does Indeed have so much faith in radio? I will suggest it’s for two reasons: 1) because it works and 2) because they have to. They have to? I’ll explain later. Gallup, along with other… [Read More]

To Call or Not to Call

Here’s the scenario. You have an appointment that you set up a week ago and it’s a healthy distance away from your office. Do you call them to confirm the appointment prior to leaving or do you not call and take a chance? Knowing how busy business owners and managers can be, there is no question that… [Read More]


“Procrastination on your part doesn’t necessarily constitute an emergency on my part” This quote hangs on the walls at many repair and service centers and it would be very appropriate hanging in most radio station Production Departments. Every radio station has deadlines or cut-offs for turning in production. The question is, are the deadlines being enforced?… [Read More]


Internet guru, Seth Godin, says, “The last click someone clicks on before they buy something isn’t the moment they made up their mind”. With most purchases, the mind has been compressing logical information and the heart has been building an emotional connection with the business or product long before the purchase was about to be… [Read More]