Monthly Archives: November 2018

GREAT Ads Start With…

Nobody, and I mean nobody, listens to your stations for the ads.  The trick is, making people “HEAR” the ads!  Unless your listeners hear the ads and have an emotional connection, (sometimes logical), the ads won’t work, period! So, how do you win in advertising?  It starts with having a strategy….“What does the business want… [Read More]

Be a Part of the Solution, Not the Problem!

Starting this Friday (now Thursday), the biggest shopping days of the year begin and your clients, particularly your retail clients, are scared to death. It’s not J.C. Penny, Best Buy or Walmart that scares them. Today, it’s Amazon and the many thousands of other online minions that are trying to gobble up their customers and rain… [Read More]

The Story of Bob’s Tire Store

TOMA/Branding is still King! Let’s pretend that you walked out to your vehicle this morning and noticed you had a flat tire!  *$#*@!#&!! … And, it’s not just flat, it’s ruined! If you’re like most people, your next step would be to go to the internet and search one of two things; 1) Tire stores in (your… [Read More]

It’s FINALLY Over, Hallelujah!!

Lessons Learned from the Political Advertising Season I think I can speak for the entire U.S. population when I say, “Thank goodness it’s FINALLY over!” Even our Canadian friends, I’m sure, are tired of hearing all the negativity, bickering and hogwash. The only good thing I can think of, besides the extra revenue, is that there is… [Read More]