Monthly Archives: October 2015

It Ain’t Gonna Sell Itself

So you think your advertisers are flocking to social media? Maybe not.  Maybe social media salespeople are flocking to them. Twitter, for example, invested a whopping 44% of their revenue in marketing and sales to capture a 111% revenue increase last year.  Now, I’m not suggesting for a minute that broadcasters should have a 44%… [Read More]

Follow the Leader

The next time you are talking to a prospect who is infatuated by social media, try not talking to them about your ‘audience.’       Instead, talk to them about your station’s followers or fans.       I’m betting your station has more followers than your prospect’s social media page, and that they’d… [Read More]

Your Unique Selling Proposition

  If you have taken any marketing or sales courses at all, I’m sure you are familiar with the term ‘U.S.P.’, Unique Selling Proposition.           But it is doubtful that you truly possess a Unique Selling Proposition.           Most of your competitors have taken the same sales courses, read the same books, and follow the… [Read More]

Becoming a Great Coach

Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals, managed by ‘Mat the Bat’ Williams, will finish well behind the New York Mets, and miss the post season altogether.           Mat the Bat had nearly 1,000 major league home runs during his career, but will now probably lose his first management job in baseball. Apparently, being… [Read More]