Monthly Archives: February 2019

Talk the Talk

Why is it that Media Reps aren’t granted the same instant credibility as agencies? Primarily, it has to do with our reputation. I’m not referring to your personal reputation, but rather to our industry’s reputation. Much of it is well deserved!  The old method of training our sales teams was to have them watch a few Chris… [Read More]

Video Might Be Strong, But…

“Video” has been the hot word for some time now. Research reveals that having video on a website makes it 53 times more likely to be found on Google. Statistics like this can have local advertisers lining up to spend more money on videos, which often become dated very quickly, at the expense of radio advertising. There are… [Read More]

Inspect What You Expect!

Regardless of whether you are a media rep or a manager, ask yourself these two questions… Are you setting expectations for yourself or those you manage? Are you holding yourself or those you manage accountable? There are various quotes that refer to inspecting what you expect such as, “People don’t do what you expect, they… [Read More]

You Can Learn a Lot from Super Bowl Ads

There is only one time a year that people intentionally want to see or hear ads, and actually enjoy doing so. It’s coming up this weekend, Super Bowl LIII. In some ways, the ads have become nearly as exciting as the game. Why is there so much interest in the “Super Bowl Ads”? Because they’re GOOD, some are… [Read More]