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Analyst or Entrepreneur

Analyst or Entrepreneur?           Ted Turner was told by the analysts that an all-news cable channel would not succeed. His bold plunge forward with CNN is a huge success story. Online designers predicted Craigslist was too cumbersome, with too many links and was not slick enough or trustworthy enough to succeed. Last year Craigslist generated… [Read More]

Unqualified Friends

Unqualified ‘Friends’            Local marketers are quickly starting to realize that the new media they once cherished because the metrics were ‘measurable’ are quickly discovering that clicks ain’t sales and the measure isn’t as qualified as once thought.           And for good reason.           Take for example, this email sent to me from a friend… [Read More]

Error By Omission

Error by Omission            I’ve had it with broadcast sales and management types accepting the misleading information disseminated by digital media ‘gurus’!           Their blogs, media releases and seminars might not lie, buy they certainly leave out important information about our heightened role in the new media landscape….and we let them!           I recently spoke… [Read More]

The Knowledge Economy

The Knowledge Economy           Why does a lawyer earn more than a garbage collector? Because nearly everyone is capable of doing the garbage collector’s job, but the lawyer knows something most of us do not. So she makes more money.           Why are accountants paid far more than the average person? Because they know something the… [Read More]

New Multi-Sensory World

The New Multi-Sensory World           New media are all the rage at the conferences your clients attend and in the trade publications they read. Not because they are necessarily better, but because new captures attention while old is, well……old. Most advertisers have used radio, been there, done that and still have the t-shirt.           ‘New’… [Read More]