Yearly Archives: 2020

Get Better Every Day

I’m sure that, like me, your dad at some point in life said to you, “I don’t care if you dig ditches for a living, just be the best ditch digger there is!” At the time, I’m not sure that statement had a lot of impact on me, but much later in life a quote… [Read More]

Annual Contracts – It’s Easy!

Whether you’ve been in the media sales game for six months or 60 years, one of the battle cries has always been, “Get more 52-week business on the books”. There are two main reasons why stations don’t have more “52-week” business or annual contracts on the books. Before we discuss these reasons, and this may… [Read More]

Selling Your Sellers

No one ever said selling media, or specifically radio, was easy and if they did, they either have never done it or were lying! Likewise, no one ever said being a sales manager was easy. As a sales manager, the list of duties, tasks, and expectations is long. But, the number one job of a manager,… [Read More]


You just walked out from an appointment with your client or prospect and now it’s off to your next task for the day. STOP! What you do next can have a profound impact on your future success in sales. Before moving on to your next task, take two minutes and conduct a self-evaluation of your performance… [Read More]