Yearly Archives: 2009

Overlooked Opportunities

Over-looked Opportunities            Do you review all of your new national orders at every sales meeting to explore the local or spin-off opportunities they present?           When a manufacturer advertises, your audience wants to know more than where they can buy the product.           They want to know why they should buy it from one… [Read More]


Beware of Futurists            I love attending conventions which feature futurists as keynote speakers. They are always entertaining, thought-provoking and even exhilarating when you consider the possibilities they espouse.           But they’re seldom right!           In the late seventies I attended a cable convention at which a futurist predicted grocery stores would disappear within ten… [Read More]

What’s Missing in your CNA?

What’s Missing In Your Customer Needs Analysis?            Here is a news flash for you, your competitors’ CNA’s (customer needs analysis) are almost identical to yours!           To deliver more value, you need to move beyond collecting your prospect’s thoughts in a CNA, and conduct a complete Marketing Audit.           The typical CNA only tells… [Read More]

Justice Equality for All

Justice, Equality and Productivity for All             Your phones are probably not ringing off the hook with hot new leads these days.   Every new lead, or RFP (request for proposal) you receive, is more valuable than ever in the new media economy.             In the name of distributing leads ‘fairly’, many stations distribute their leads in… [Read More]

Premium Packages

A New Perspective on Packages               Why do so many radio ‘package’ offerings default to offering discounts?             Smart packagers create premium packages as a way of taking the focus off of their base product pricing.             Take BMW, for example. When BMW offers their ‘sport package’, customers do not question the basic BMW… [Read More]