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Do You Mind If I …?

…Take Notes?

It seems like a silly little question, and in some ways it is. But it can also have a profound impact, and just might be so obvious that it catches them off guard and captures their attention.

When you’re calling on a new business and about to start your “CNA” meeting, just as you take out your notepad or computer, ask the person, “Do you mind if I take notes?”

Of course, their answer will always be, ” Yes “, or “I don’t mind at all”. While it seems obvious that you would take notes, it’s the subliminal message you send that has an impact. It tells the prospect you are engaged, ready to listen, serious about what you do, and that you are focused. This is also a good point to assure them, or reassure them, that everything you discuss is confidential.

Throughout the questions and answers, if you miss something, don’t be afraid to ask, “Can you repeat that?” or “Did I hear you correctly?”. Then restate what you thought they said. Again, this little sign of being really engaged can often give them the confidence that you are really there to help them, and that you are a professional.

You’ve heard the expression, “little things mean a lot”. When you’re asking business owners to spend their hard-earned dollars with you, it’s more than just an expression. The “little things” are often what determine whether they trust you enough to say “yes” to your recommendations. After all, what they are really saying “yes” to … is YOU!

Do you mind if I take notes?

Don’t Be a “Know It All”

Not having all the answers to all the questions can be a good thing! In fact, in some cases it creates opportunities.

In my experience of working with and training reps, call reluctance can be credited mainly to two things: the fear of rejection, and the lack of confidence or lack of knowledge. In other words, we’re afraid that we won’t have all the answers to all the questions a client or prospect might have for us.

This is especially true for new sellers. Sure, everyone wants to be considered knowledgeable and come across as a seasoned professional, but the truth is that it takes time. Even the most tenured media reps don’t have all the answers.

One of the most dangerous things that can happen in a relationship between a client or prospect and the media rep is that you come off as a “know it all”. Once you’ve established that reputation, the chances of them believing anything you say is slim!

Regardless of the amount of time you’ve been selling, not having the answer to a question can create an opportunity. A simple reply of, “That’s a great question, but I am not sure I have a correct answer. Let me do some research and get back to you”!

That simple response does two things: one, it makes you honest and believable, which sets you up for a better long-term relationship, and two, it creates an opportunity for you to get back in touch with the person with the answer.

Not knowing everything can create opportunities!

Don’t be a “Know It All”.  

Recommend Your Competition – It Pays!

Let me ask you this… Have you ever recommended to a client that they should consider buying from a competitor of yours?

Competitors aren’t just the other radio stations/groups. Your competitors are billboards (all OOH), TV, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, digital, sports sponsorships, etc.

Your first thought to the question might have been, “What, are you CRAZY?  Why would I recommend my competition; they never recommend me!”  Or “If I recommend my competition, I will be leaving money on the table that I could be asking for myself.” 

If you have never recommended your competition, this seems a little bit crazy, doesn’t it? It just might be, but it can be one of the most powerful things you can do to gain a business owner’s trust!

For different reasons, there are times when recommending your competition is the right thing to do. One reason might be you don’t have the station that matches a demographic or coverage area that your client needs to reach. Another might be that they have a budget to buy more than just your station(s), or a budget for more than just radio.  There are others as well, but the bottom line is that doing what is best for your client is always the right thing to do.

When you make a recommendation to your client or prospect that they should consider buying from your competition, you will build instant credibility and transform from a media sales rep to an advertising professional!

Look for opportunities where you can recommend your competition.

Ultimately, It Pays!

Confirm the Appointment!

Here’s the scenario. You have an appointment that you set up a week ago and it’s a healthy distance away from your office. Do you call them to confirm the appointment prior to leaving, or do you not call and take a chance?
Knowing how busy business owners and managers can be, there is no question that if you choose to call to confirm there is a decent chance that they will cancel. That’s the chance you take.
An aggressive sales trainer would tell you to take the chance, show up, and work your way in. Their logic is that it’s much harder to tell someone “no” in person than it is over the phone, and you may not get another chance.
The professional media rep that not only respects the time of others, but their own, would call to confirm. Especially in this circumstance where travel time is an issue, we suggest that when you initially set the appointment, inform them that you will call the morning of or the day before to confirm.
There are five primary reasons why confirming appointments makes sense:
1)   Time management – Don’t waste your time.
2)   It helps establish you as a professional.
3)   It shows that you respect their time.
4)   It helps prepare the client and puts them in the right frame of mind for your appointment.
5)   If in fact they do cancel, they will be more obligated to reschedule.
Professional media sales are built on long-term relationships and being respectful of your client’s time is an excellent way to ensure they will say “yes” to future appointments. 
This little point may seem obvious, but I can assure you it happens on a regular basis. Before it happens to you or one of your reps, do the right thing and make the call to confirm the appointment.

It Makes Me Smile, Laugh, and Ponder

I try to start each day off with reading. In fact, the first thing on my daily “to do” list says, 1) Prep & Read. I read a little bit of everything, books, blogs, articles, etc., covering a variety of topics such as life, business, faith, marketing/advertising, wrestling, management, psychology, news, etc. Of all my daily/weekly readings, there are two things that I look forward to the most. One is the “Monday Morning Memo” from Roy H. Williams. The Wizard’s (and Indy’s) perspective on a multitude of topics makes me think deeper and gives me the courage to be more creative. The other is Don Kuhl’s blog called “Aging M-W-F”. Don tells short life stories and relates them to the process of aging. His stories always make me smile, laugh (often both), ponder, and reflect on my life! I always feel better and find more joy within myself after reading them.

Recently, Don invited his readers to request a copy of his new book called Changing with Aging. I requested one right away.

I have never met Don. In fact, I have never even spoken to him in person. We have only exchanged emails (he reads ENS on Sales) from time to time, and he sends me encouraging words as I do to him for his writings. He is a much better writer than I am. From reading his writings, it seems like I know him as a dear old friend. His real friends are very lucky people.

I received my advanced copy the other day and I can barely put it down. Each story is just a page. Don has an incredible knack for writing with brevity. Each story of his life floods my mind with vivid memories of my own. Even the not-so-happy moments make me smile because he always puts a positive spin on them.

His book isn’t being released until Sept. 6th. However, you can pre-order yours now by simply googling Changing with Aging, Don Kuhl. You’ll find several avenues to purchase your copy(s).

I have worked out a special deal with Don. I will be purchasing 50 additional copies of the book, of which I will give a FREE copy to the first 40 readers of ENS on Sales that request it. One per person, please.

You don’t have to be in the latter stages of your life to enjoy this book. In fact, I wish I had met Don (through his writings) years before I had. It might have saved me from making a few mistakes, or at minimum, allowed me to accept and move on sooner from some of the mistakes I have made along the way.

If you would like a copy, click here, and send me your name and mailing address. When I receive the books, I will send them your way.

If you would like to subscribe to Don Kuhl’s Aging M-W-F blog, go to this website  and subscribe.

While I have no guarantee to offer, I can assure you that if you read his blog and/or his book, you’ll smile, you’ll laugh, you’ll ponder, and you’ll reflect! It’s a GREAT way to start your morning!