Monthly Archives: August 2015

A No-Brainer to Increase Your Sales

Imagine you own a local business, and you have a salesperson who has developed great customer relationships and helped to build your business.  Then picture what you would do if another salesperson offered to join your company and bring with them their great customer relationships and database.  Would you terminate your current sales person in… [Read More]

An Ounce of Prevention

So one of your biggest accounts has just announced they intend to cut some of their traditional media in favor of digital. They currently use outdoor, radio, newspaper and TV in their traditional media portfolio. How much time and effort will you invest to present your stations to avoid becoming one of the victims of… [Read More]

Stop Blaming New Media

What’s New? I’m hearing more and more stations grumbling about the loss of revenue as advertisers switch to new media. But maybe it’s not new media to blame…. maybe it’s ‘old’ media. Advertising, by nature, is supposed to be dynamic, exciting, fresh and even somewhat adventurous. If you haven’t presented anything ‘new’ to your clients recently,… [Read More]

Make it Feel Like Christmas Now

While your salespeople are boating, golfing and enjoying the summer weather, it can be difficult to have thoughts of sugar plums dancing in their heads.            But your clients and prospects are planning their Christmas campaigns NOW.            You know, “the early bird gets the worm.”            Yet… [Read More]