Monthly Archives: February 2013

Knowing What Counts

Knowing What Counts So you had a great month! Congratulations! Enjoy the fruits of your labours and the accolades. But never lose sight of how you got there. The fruit you are harvesting today is really the result of seeds you planted months ago. It’s taken months, if not years, for you to build the… [Read More]

My Website Sucks!

My Website Sucks! My website sucks, my Facebook and LinkedIn pages are dated and an embarrassment and my attempts at mobile marketing are non-existent. We are marketing experts and we certainly recognize the value of websites, social media, videos and mobile media. So why don’t we practice what we preach? We’ve been trying to upgrade… [Read More]

Don’t Wait Until it’s too Late

Don’t Wait Until it’s too Late A station manager called our office last week requesting a hurry-up presentation of our Winning in the New Media Economy advertiser seminar. One of their largest local advertisers had just cut their radio and TV in favour of printed flyers. Ouch! The horse was already out of the barn…. [Read More]

What Winning Account Executives Know

What Winning Account Executives Know The top-producing account executives we work with always know the answers to these ten questions about every client: Who is the real decision maker? Not to be confused with the decision-allocator. In the case of a car dealership for example, the sales manager might decide which stations or what media… [Read More]