Monthly Archives: October 2012

Does Charlie Need the Money?

Does Charlie Need the Money? At age 71, famed Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has contracted a masseuse to help him deal with his back pain during the Stones’ upcoming live performances. Why do you suppose he puts himself through this back pain at his age? Does he really need the money from more concerts?… [Read More]

Trust is a Two Way Street

Trust is a Two Way Street My business partner blasted me last week for telling one of our employees something in confidence. I respect my partner, so I reflected upon their critique that I was too trusting. I thought back upon my 42 years in business and realized that trust is a two way street…. [Read More]

Hare Krishna Selling Strategy

Hare Krishna Selling Strategy In his book, The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini identifies psychological reciprocity; ‘the deep-rooted subconscious need to return effort to those who put forth effort for us’, as one of the six most powerful influences on human buying behaviour. Psychological Reciprocity is one of the most powerful sales levers radio… [Read More]

The ‘Good Ol’ Days are Gone’

The ‘Good Ol‘ Days are Gone’ Remember the good old days when getting a first appointment with your new prospects was relatively easy, and only a matter of math where more calls meant more appointments? You simply picked up the phone and said things like; I’ve got a great idea I want to share with… [Read More]