Monthly Archives: June 2018

Offense or Defense?

While watching World Cup Soccer recently, and at the same time thinking about work, some thoughts occurred to me. What’s more important in sales, offense or defense? We all understand offense, right? You go out there and score, get the sale and celebrate! It goes without saying that to make money you must make sales! Soccer, as… [Read More]

It’s Not a Problem

It really doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in or what your title is, if you are working, you’ll have problems!  Some have more than others and some are certainly bigger than others. I learned a lesson a long time ago when I walked into my General Manager’s office late one day and said,… [Read More]

Does Radio Work?

That’s a silly question, right? Sure Radio works, but do your media reps believe it works? If we’re being honest with ourselves, you know that your reps sometimes question its strength. After all, many people, like their clients, have told them repeatedly that Radio doesn’t work. They’ve heard the infamous words, “I tried Radio once… [Read More]