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What Makes Your Clients Loyal… to You?

While reading a story on customer satisfaction of products, it dawned on me that the reasons people stay loyal to certain products or brands are the same reasons that business owners stay loyal to their media reps and stations.

A story published in the March 13th edition of quoted several surveys, all related to “Why we Buy: Consumer Behavior and Loyalty in the Age of Infinite Options”. One survey by Criteo stated the obvious, and that was quality products or services at a good price are still the biggest drivers of brand loyalty.

More importantly, the article went on to quote a survey conducted by Epsilon that said, “Eighty-percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences”. In our line of work as Marketing Reps, this is where we start to separate the GREAT reps from the good reps. What type of personalized experience(s) do you offer to your clients and prospects that make you stand out from the crowd?

Yet in another survey by Morning Consult, it said 88% of respondents agreed that well-priced products with matching quality are important. More significantly, 92% said reliability and durability were key in creating brand loyalty. Are you reliable and durable for your clients? Are you there when they need you and are you continually bringing them ideas to help them grow their business?

Finally, and here is where we really separate the GREAT from good, and good from average…The same survey from Morning Consult stated that the primary reason for abandoning a brand was that the quality had gone down. Never take your clients for granted. Always be doing things (personalized experiences) that make them appreciate you more and more every month and year.

Be Loyal to your clients and give them everything you have and they, in turn, will be Loyal to You!

“Never Stop Learning – Get Better Every Day”

You’re a Genius, but Wait to Prove It

Here’s a scenario. You’re in a meeting with a potential client, and like magic, you come up with a “BIG IDEA” that you know is the answer to helping the client make a ton of money, no less yourself. In your enthusiasm to show the client how smart you are as a marketing and advertising professional, you blurt out your “BIG IDEA”!

You’re a genius, right? Wrong!

If you do have a good idea, as in this situation, and you throw it out spontaneously, the chances of it being excepted are greatly diminished.  There’s a much better time to reveal you’re a real genius. It’s when you make your presentation!

Ask yourself this question. Do you think your client would put more value on a great idea that someone came up with on the fly, or one that took a week or two to come up with after much consideration and brainstorming? The client will think, “Wow, they really put some time and thought into this idea!”

Instead of blurting out your “BIG IDEA” during the first meeting, say something like, “I think I may have some good ideas, but I want to do some additional research and give some extra thought to these ideas before deciding and making our recommendations”.

While most good ideas take time to develop, we also know that occasionally we get lucky and come up with that GREAT idea on the spot.

It’ll take discipline, bite your lip, but whatever you do, WAIT, and don’t give away that “BIG IDEA” so quickly!

Never Stop Learning – Get Better Every Day”


Our local TOMA Surveys prove what you already know….Radio Works!

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Finish 2019 off with a BANG and get a GREAT head start on 2020!

While the digital media world seems to receive all the limelight today, ENS Media’s TOMA Surveys are helping broadcasters across North America to capture increased local advertising revenues.

The front half of our 2019 seminars is filled but we still have room for 4 or 5 more local market TOMA Surveys and Seminars in the last half of 2019 (mid-August through early November). As a special offer to the first five ENS on Sales subscribers who take advantage, we will start your entire sales team immediately on our SoundADvice program FREE for the first three months. We can then launch your TOMA Survey this summer and conduct your Advertiser Seminar this fall so your team can finish out 2019 strong and have a huge head start on 2020. No payments required until after July 1st.

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Here are 4 of the Top 12 Things Your TOMA Survey Can Tell You…

1. Your surveys will always prove that the best way to ensure consumers click on a business when they search online is to create a pre-need awareness and preference for the business with intrusive broadcast advertising.

2. It’s much more powerful to make an appointment to talk about your prospects’ ratings, and their competitors’ ratings, than trying to get an appointment to talk about your ratings.

3. The most important findings will be uncovering “open” categories. Categories with no strong Share-of-Mind leader are very easy, and very inexpensive, for new radio advertisers to capture the dominant Share-of-Mind and Share-of-Market.

4. Your survey will also prove that the only SURE way to be found online is when prospects search for a business by name because many businesses have fierce online SEO competition for first-page positioning if consumers search the category generically.

If you’d like to read all 12 Things Your TOMA Surveys Can Tell You, click here.

ENS Media’s TOMA selling system will help you sell more in 2019 and beyond. To arrange an online overview of what TOMA Research and Training can do for you, contact [email protected] or call 605-310-2062.

Useless Words

Proper Grammar is Out When it Comes to Copywriting

“Joe’s Shoe Shop – Located at the corner of 10th and Main in Downtown River City”.

This sentence has a total of 15 words, 6 of which are useless and not needed. It should read, “Joe’s Shoe Shop, 10th and Main, Downtown River City”.

 The words “located at the corner of” and “in” have no bearing on the message you are trying to get across. The only reason we write them into a script is that we assume we should use proper grammar while writing radio ads.

 When it comes to writing ads for radio, using proper grammar can, and often times will make the ads too “wordy”. Taking the connecting words out, and instead using a pregnant pause, will have a more dramatic effect and will grab the listeners’ attention.

 It’s the biggest dress sale of the season, you will find hundreds of dresses inall sizes and colors at drastically reduced prices. The sale ends this Saturday,so hurry in today while the selection is at its best”.

 ”The biggest dress sale of the season… find hundreds of dresses – all sizes and colors – drastically reduced prices! Sale ends Saturday – hurry in today while the selection is best”.

 In this example, it’s 10 words less than the original, and that’s only two sentences. If you do this with three or four of the sentences of a typical 30-second ad, you could find an additional 10 to 20 words that can be used to say something more profound to grab someone’s attention.

 Keep in mind, it’s always easier to fix an ad than it is to write one from scratch. I encourage you to look at your future scripts and eliminate the “useless words”. You’ll ultimately come up with better ads!

 If you would like me to constructively critique a script or two for you, just send it to me and I will give you my thoughts.