Monthly Archives: March 2019

What Makes Your Clients Loyal… to You?

While reading a story on customer satisfaction of products, it dawned on me that the reasons people stay loyal to certain products or brands are the same reasons that business owners stay loyal to their media reps and stations. A story published in the March 13th edition of quoted several surveys, all related to “Why… [Read More]

You’re a Genius, but Wait to Prove It

Here’s a scenario. You’re in a meeting with a potential client, and like magic, you come up with a “BIG IDEA” that you know is the answer to helping the client make a ton of money, no less yourself. In your enthusiasm to show the client how smart you are as a marketing and advertising professional, you… [Read More]


Our local TOMA Surveys prove what you already know….Radio Works! Are your sales executives finding it more difficult to capture new business appointments? Do you need a strategic system to capture new high-quality leads? Are your prospects claiming great results from digital? Are local advertisers in your market questioning radio’s continuing relevance? Do you need… [Read More]

Useless Words

Proper Grammar is Out When it Comes to Copywriting “Joe’s Shoe Shop – Located at the corner of 10th and Main in Downtown River City”. This sentence has a total of 15 words, 6 of which are useless and not needed. It should read, “Joe’s Shoe Shop, 10th and Main, Downtown River City”.  The words “located at the corner of” and “in” have… [Read More]