Monthly Archives: July 2019

Don’t Waste Your Breath

Allow me to stand on my soapbox for a minute and speak to something I am very passionate about, or should I say, very passionate against! Regardless of what size market we drive through, while listening to the radio we still hear the dreaded seven-digit, or worse yet, ten-digit phone numbers. Yes, it is still happening! Is… [Read More]

Patience is a Virtue

When selling a new prospect advertising on your station, how long should it take to make the sale? The correct answer is… as long as it takes, to do it right!  Too fast or too slow can both have negative effects. But in most cases, moving too fast can have greater long-term negative effects than moving… [Read More]

Stand Up and Fight for Your Retail Clients

If you ask nearly any retail business owner today who one of their biggest competitors is, you are likely to hear them say, Amazon! While that may not be true for all retailers, the fact is Amazon’s cut into the retail pie has hurt many local retail business owners and ultimately hurt many local towns,… [Read More]

Happy Birthday!

ENS Media is proud to serve clients in both Canada and the United States. As we celebrate both countries’ birthdays this week, we wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable holiday!