Monthly Archives: January 2019

Do You Mind If I Take Notes?

It seems like a silly little question, and in some ways it is. But it can also have a profound impact, and just might be so obvious that it catches them off guard and captures their attention. When you’re calling on a new business and about to start your “CNA” meeting, just as you are taking… [Read More]

How Valuable Are You?

Have you ever walked into a client or prospect’s business and when they see you, they dash out the nearest door? Or when you ask to see a client, the person at the front desk returns with, “they’re busy right now”? Granted, sometimes it’s legit and they really are busy. However, more often than not, it’s an… [Read More]

Farewell – Wayne’s Gone Fishing!

Wayne Ens sold his first ad over 50 years ago. It was shortly thereafter that he prepared and conducted a seminar to teach local advertisers how to use advertising more effectively. From that moment, he “caught the bug” and always wanted to help others; radio and TV stations, newspapers and especially business owners, learn how to… [Read More]