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Do You Mind If I Take Notes?

It seems like a silly little question, and in some ways it is. But it can also have a profound impact, and just might be so obvious that it catches them off guard and captures their attention. When you’re calling on a new business and about to start your “CNA” meeting, just as you are taking out your note pad or computer, ask the person, “Do you mind if I take notes?”

Their answer, of course, will always be, “Yes”, or “I don’t mind at all”. While it seems obvious that you would take notes, it’s the subliminal message you send that has impact. It tells the prospect you are engaged, ready to listen, serious about what you do, and that you are focused. This is also a good point to assure them, or reassure them, that everything you discuss is confidential.

Throughout the questions and answers, if you miss something, don’t be afraid to ask, “Can you repeat that?” or “Did I hear you correctly”? Then restate what you thought they said. Again, this little sign of being really engaged can often give them the confidence that you are really there to help them, and that you are a professional.

You’ve heard the expression, “little things mean a lot”. When you’re asking business owners to spend their hard-earned dollars with you, it’s more than just an expression. The “little things” are often what determines whether they trust you enough to say “yes” to your recommendations. After all, what they are really saying “yes” to … is YOU!

Do you mind if I take notes?

How Valuable Are You?

Have you ever walked into a client or prospect’s business and when they see you, they dash out the nearest door? Or when you ask to see a client, the person at the front desk returns with, “they’re busy right now”?

Granted, sometimes it’s legit and they really are busy. However, more often than not, it’s an excuse! I have always suggested that when we walk into a business and the owner looks up and sees us, they make an immediate conscious decision. It’s either, “GREAT, there’s Rick and he brings value to my business, I love talking to Rick”, or “There’s Rick and I don’t have time to waste today. I know he’s going to try to sell me something!”

Are you bringing value to your clients, and what constitutes value? It may be articles about their business category, how to keep employees satisfied, or healthcare regulations. Anything that pertains to the many hats they wear as an owner/manager. You can find information on any topic, just Google it. But, be careful not to deliver information about your product (radio) or your stations too often. And no, cookies DO NOT qualify!

How you deliver the value is equally as important. Always emailing or dropping it off, in the same manner, will lose its flair. If you know they are not in the office/business, drop it off and leave a short note, “Joe, I ran across this article and thought you might find it interesting”. Even using “snail mail” is a good option. Be CREATIVE!

I challenge you to be honest with yourself. Do you bring VALUE to your clients and prospects, or do they see you as just a “salesperson”? How much VALUE you bring to your clients will be in direct proportion to how willing they are to see you, and more importantly, how much they will invest with you!

Starting today, make sure you’re always increasing your VALUE!

Our SoundADvice E-Marketing system is the best way to bring value to your clients and prospects each week. It helps brand your reps and stations as the “Advertising Experts” in your market. If you would like to learn how to take advantage of SoundADvice, click here to see a few testimonials and let’s talk! SoundADvice is market exclusive, so be the first in your market to call.

Farewell – Wayne’s Gone Fishing!

Wayne Ens sold his first ad over 50 years ago. It was shortly thereafter that he prepared and conducted a seminar to teach local advertisers how to use advertising more effectively. From that moment, he “caught the bug” and always wanted to help others; radio and TV stations, newspapers and especially business owners, learn how to use advertising more effectively so that everyone would get better results.

Throughout his career, Wayne worked in the newspaper, TV, and radio industries, and also started and ran a successful advertising agency. However, it was the training and teaching bug that lead him to start his own consulting company. So, 21 years ago ENS Media Inc. began working with media groups all across North America. Since that day, Wayne has spanned the globe from Alaska to Trinidad conducting seminars in every state in the U.S. except Wyoming and Hawaii and nearly every market in Canada.

Wayne has a unique ability to not only understand the “do’s and don’ts” of selling and advertising, but he has an even greater talent for teaching it. It all comes down to, “do what’s right for the advertiser/customer”.

The radio industry especially, is better off today because of Wayne Ens. His relentless work ethic and his thirst for learning and sharing his knowledge have touched and literally helped thousands of media reps, managers and business owners.

Now it’s time for Wayne and Angela to spend more time on their pride and joy, their boat, that they proudly refer to as “ENSanity”.

Wayne, may your fish continue to be bigger, and may your stories always be happy!

Here are Wayne’s parting thoughts:

From the time I began selling advertising until the time I began helping others sell more successful advertising, I always said, “There can’t be a better way to make a living than to get paid for helping others to succeed.”

Through the tools and systems we developed at ENS Media, I’m proud to say we’ve helped generate literally millions upon millions of new local revenues over the years for radio and TV stations, and Angela and I have made hundreds of friends spanning the globe from Alaska to Trinidad. I am very proud to say that thousands of account executives successfully still use our strategies today.

It is on this backdrop that I’m pleased to announce that I’m passing the torch to my business partner of the last two years, Rick Fink. I am “retiring” at the end of this month, although I will stay on board behind the scenes to mentor and counsel Rick as he serves our clients. I had been searching for a successor for some time who I believed could continue the legacy we worked so hard to build. Rick is that successor.

Rick has the passion and the experience to not only carry on with ENS Media tools like TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness Research), SoundADvice, Guided Discovery Selling and more, but he will also be continuously improving our offerings as market conditions evolve.

Thanks to the many broadcasters who I’ve had the privilege of working with. I know I can enjoy my retirement firm in the knowledge that Rick and his partner, Belinda, will continue to deliver ENS Media’s promise of “helping broadcasters to increase their local revenues.”

I wish to express my deep gratitude to all of our clients, past and present, and wish you all continued success and happiness.

                                                             – Wayne Ens

If you would like to extend your well wishes and thoughts to Wayne, please contact him at [email protected].

My promise to each of our readers and clients is to do my very best to continue providing a level of knowledge, integrity, professionalism, and experience needed to deliver the ENS Media promise of “helping broadcasters to increase their local revenues”.

I appreciate you being a weekly reader, and I look forward to meeting each of you along the way!