Monthly Archives: July 2011

Something to Think About

  Something to Think About   Is it fair to suggest the professional radio contest player who calls your station repeatedly is indicative of your average listener? Is it realistic to say that the rabid fan who follows your announcer from remote to remote no matter what the advertiser is selling, mirrors your typical listener?… [Read More]

What’s Wrong with Us?

  What’s Wrong With Us?   Why do those of us in media think packages always infer discounts? The best marketers sell premium packages. BMW’s ‘sports package’ for example, artfully takes the customer’s focus off of the vehicle’s base price (the equivalent of your base spot rate) and focuses on selling a total package that… [Read More]

I Was Wrong

  I Was Wrong             I’ve often criticised businesses for promoting their ‘anniversary’. Why? Because your anniversary is all about you, and marketing should be all about your customer’s felt needs, not you.           This past month marked the tenth anniversary of ENS Media Inc and I’ve come to realize anniversaries ARE about the… [Read More]

Treading Water

  Stop Treading Water According to a study by Forbes Insights called ‘Bringing 20/20 Foresight to Marketing,’ 52% of a group of 321 marketing and corporate managers cited customer retention as their top current priority, followed by customer acquisition and customer profitability. The report goes on to say, “Marketers today need to view the customer with 20/20 foresight,… [Read More]

Right Demographic

  The Right Demographic?               What I’m about to say may go against the grain of everything you’ve been taught or have been doing. Please bear with me with an open mind.             It’s time for local radio account executives to quit peddling ‘demographics’ as the reason advertisers should buy their stations.             In… [Read More]