Monthly Archives: January 2014

Candour as a Relationship Builder

Many sales people are afraid to use candour as a relationship builder with their customers and prospects. They have been trained to “sell themselves first”. In this effort to sell themselves first, they have placed being “liked” ahead of being respected as a marketing partner. In their quest to be liked, these glad-handers often fear… [Read More]

Needs vs Wants

My wife and business partner, Angela, taught me one of the most valuable sales lessons I’ve ever learned; the difference between selling to a need, versus selling to a want. When she sold Fords and GM’s, she sold to a need. Families needed a van to take the kids to school or a car to… [Read More]

I’m Guilty!

We had a plumbing problem last week and to solve our problem I went online to find the phone number for a plumber I had heard advertised. When I called, the inside sales person asked, “Where did you get our phone number?”  Of course I answered “on the internet.” It all happened so fast, and… [Read More]

The Propinquity Effect

The propinquity effect is the tendency for people to form relationships with those whom they encounter often. The science of propinquity dictates that the more you come into contact with a person with interesting, entertaining or helpful information, the more likely you are to form a relationship with that person. The days of “spray and… [Read More]