Monthly Archives: April 2016

Intel’s Loss Can Be Radio’s Gain

Last week the world’s largest computer chip manufacturer, Intel, announced the layoff of 12,000 employees. The company’s CEO said the layoffs were the result of the shift from personal computers to mobile devices. At the same time, Google says smartphone searches now exceed laptop and desktop searches. In a field over-crowded by digital-only salespeople, this… [Read More]

A New Logo Will Change Everything?

The most successful brands throughout history, from BMW to Kellogg’s, and from Coca Cola to Ford, General Electric and Mercedes have all improved brands by improving their products, but never changed the icon that symbolized their business. Every time a new marketing manager or new executive leadership enters the scene, they want to put their… [Read More]


Last week, I sent an email to one of our SoundADvice members, accidentally misspelling the word service, saying, “We are always looking for ways to improve our servive to our members.” While I know how ‘survive’ is spelled, I wondered to myself if my writing ‘servive’ when I meant to say ‘service’, wasn’t a Freudian… [Read More]