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Intel’s Loss Can Be Radio’s Gain

Last week the world’s largest computer chip manufacturer, Intel, announced the layoff of 12,000 employees. The company’s CEO said the layoffs were the result of the shift from personal computers to mobile devices.

At the same time, Google says smartphone searches now exceed laptop and desktop searches.

In a field over-crowded by digital-only salespeople, this shift presents a huge opportunity for radio account executives who know how to articulate a proactive radio and reactive digital strategy for their local advertisers.

In the old desktop world, consumers had more time to ‘research’ with key words like who, what, why, when and where. In the fast-paced mobile world, searches are shorter and the most popular search word is ‘where.’

The most effective marketers are adjusting to this change in consumer behavior, reaching out with proactive broadcast advertising to create a pre-need pre-search preference for their brand.

When consumers react to a need by consulting their mobile devices, a lumber store or donut shop, for example, can circumvent their prospects finding their competitors when they ask ‘where is the nearest lumber store’ or ‘where is the nearest donut shop.’

Instead, their proactive on-air campaigns, can persuade consumers to ask their smartphones for a business by name, like, “Where is the nearest Home Depot?” or “Where is the nearest Tim Horton’s?”

Our SoundADvice radio e-marketing system includes the tips and tools you need to help your account executives sell the pro-active radio and reactive digital strategy.

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A New Logo Will Change Everything?

The most successful brands throughout history, from BMW to Kellogg’s, and from Coca Cola to Ford, General Electric and Mercedes have all improved brands by improving their products, but never changed the icon that symbolized their business.

Every time a new marketing manager or new executive leadership enters the scene, they want to put their mark on ‘the new world order’…even if the image for the old world order was solid and delivered value.

In media, we often tell our advertisers about the value of consistency, yet at every opportunity we go through the gyrations and expense of changing our identity with new graphics. The best companies improve their products, and only resort to changing their logos in extreme cases where their image has been damaged.


Last week, I sent an email to one of our SoundADvice members, accidentally misspelling the word service, saying, “We are always looking for ways to improve our servive to our members.” While I know how ‘survive’ is spelled, I wondered to myself if my writing ‘servive’ when I meant to say ‘service’, wasn’t a Freudian Slip.

A Freudian Slip is described as “an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.”

Perhaps to ‘servive’ with your accounts, you too should always be looking for ways to provide better service.

In our new SoundADvice sales meeting video series, we suggest that one way to ensure you are super-serving your clients is to review every account at the end of each month, asking yourself these four questions;

1.) What was the last Valid Business Contact (VBC) I made with this client?

2.) When was the last VBC?

3.) What is the next VBC I’m planning for this client?

4.) When will the next VBC happen?

If the answer to question 2 or 4 is longer than 30 days away, you might not ‘servive’ the next time this client looks for ways to cut her budgets.

A Valid Business Contact is any contact which benefits your client. It can be delivering a new idea to increase their sales, reviewing new data you might have about their industry, arranging a strategic marketing partnership or any other service you deliver that strengthens your relationship with your client.

P.S. Our survey of more than 500 radio salespeople revealed that more than 80% of sales people said sales meetings are ‘usually a waste of time’

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