Monthly Archives: May 2018

The 2nd Half

With Memorial Day behind us, the unofficial beginning of summer is here. In just 30 days (July), the 2nd half of your year begins. Are you ready? Is your team ready? Do you need to make any adjustments? We have seen many different ways to set individual and team goals. Some do it at the… [Read More]

What’s Your BIG IDEA?

How do you get advertisers to invest more money with you or renew with a rate increase, and how do you get that hard to sell prospect to consider adding your station?  Come up with and present a BIG IDEA! Every day business owners and managers drive to and from work thinking, “How can I… [Read More]

The Biggest SEO Mistake

We were consulting one of our station’s advertisers, a veterinarian, who proclaimed they had just made a considerable investment in SEO…Search Engine Optimization, to get them to or near the top of an online search. We immediately went online and searched for veterinarians in that market. They were nowhere near the top of the search… [Read More]

Your Internal Marketing Plan

The radio station marketing model is unique in that we serve three distinctly different target customers. Most other businesses only target those who can spend money with them.  But in radio, we have three target groups that affect that “spend” and we need a strategic marketing plan for each of those target customers.  One, of… [Read More]

The “Gift” of Gab

       Every once in a while, I meet a salesperson who proudly proclaims, “I’ve got the gift of gab.” In sales, that “gift” is more aptly described as “the curse of chatter”.         Successful sales professionals know that sales is really more about listening than it is about talking.         Those with the… [Read More]