Monthly Archives: October 2014

Packaging for Profit

Why do so many radio ‘package’ offerings default to discounting their spot rates? Smart packagers create premium packages as a way of taking the focus off of their base product pricing. Take BMW, for example. When BMW offers their ‘sport package’, customers do not question the basic BMW price, and are left to negotiate on… [Read More]

Opportunity is Knocking

As we approach the end of another year, you’ll start to hear all kinds of predictions about what 2015 will bring. Here is my prediction… Sales people who know how to prospect will have a hugely successful 2015. Why? There is a radio renaissance awaiting radio sales professionals who know how to help advertisers get… [Read More]

Real New Business

There is a fervent advertiser thirst for ‘new media’. For advertisers who have not used radio in the past, radio can be their ‘new media’ alternative. It’s time for radio account executives to get serious about attracting new business to radio. Many stations launch ‘new business’ initiatives which merely see their stations steal business from other… [Read More]

No One is “Just Looking”

The internet has totally changed the way your audience buys. Your advertisers probably remember the old days when they greeted customers who said they were, “just looking.” Today, consumers have already done their “just looking” online. The best ads today don’t try to change the way consumers shop, they tap into the way consumers shop. … [Read More]