Monthly Archives: May 2012

Shampoo on Your Toothbrush

  Shampoo on Your Toothbrush                 I was in the middle of working on a very thought-intensive project when I had to stop and hurry to get ready to catch a flight. While getting ready I nearly put toothpaste on my razor, and caught myself putting shampoo on my toothbrush.           No, I’m not going… [Read More]

Confidence Scheme

    Confidence Scheme             How long would Starbucks maintain their profits if they advertised coffee on sale for less than Dunkin Donuts? And how many Lexus, made by Toyota, would sell at their current profit margins if they replaced the Lexus logo with the parent company logo?             You know that when a prospect… [Read More]

Kick Start

  Kick Start             We all have tasks to perform that we’d rather not. You know, the ones you keep pushing to the bottom of your pile?            Do you know is what the hardest thing about starting those projects or tasks?            The hardest thing about starting those projects is……starting those projects!            Once you kick yourself… [Read More]

A Thank You Bonus

A Thank You Bonus             Last week’s ENS on Sales discussed the power of saying, “thank you”, to your clients and having an Appreciation Marketing Plan to differentiate you from a long list of competitors.             But I received an unexpected bonus yesterday when I said, “thank you”. I don’t usually frequent fast food restaurants,… [Read More]