Monthly Archives: January 2017

Your Toughest Selling Job in 2017

Your toughest selling job in 2017 is not selling your advertisers. Your toughest selling job is selling your sellers. They are beat up on the street every day being told radio doesn’t work, no one listens to radio in the digital age, your rates are too high, the economy is tough and so on and… [Read More]

When Fair Isn’t Fair

Good in-bound leads today are hard to come by. When you do get leads, distributing them equally or in turn, does not always equal the best results.   You have some account executives who, when told the new lead’s budget is $10,000, come back with a $10,000 order. You have others who turn a $10,000… [Read More]

Beyond Average

Do you know what the average invoice for each of your stations is? Knowing how much your station’s average invoice is, can be a great management tool. First, your average invoice tells you what the market believes your advertising to be worth. Reviewing your average invoice per account executive can also tell you what each… [Read More]

It’s Good To Be Canadian

Sometimes, we lose sight of some of the huge advantages Canadian broadcasters have versus our friends south of the border.  As we consult stations on both sides of the border, we know the competition for radio audiences and radio revenues is much tougher south of the Canadian border. On a per capita basis, Canada has… [Read More]

More Local Revenue in 2017

Your clients and prospects are being ‘cold-called’ by more and more traditional and digital salespeople every day. They’ve seen gimmicks like sending half a lottery ticket and promising to deliver the other half if they make an appointment.  Or how about the old  claiming to have a great idea for the advertiser even though the… [Read More]