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Ask Deeper Questions-Get Deeper Answers!

All too often in media sales, the conversations with clients or prospects are about our industry, our stations, our formats, our coverage areas, our demographics, our promotions, etc., etc., etc.! With any sales training at all, we know that our conversations should be more about the client and their business and less about us and… [Read More]

Location – Location – Location

If you’ve been around long enough or you have taken a marketing class, you’ll know the 4-P’s of marketing are Product, _________, Price and Promotion. If you didn’t automatically say it, the second P is “Place”. In the by-gone days of business, the best “Place” was at the corner of Center and Main. Location, Location, Location! Having a… [Read More]

Can You HELP Me?

We’ve all been there before. You’re out prospecting, walk into a business and there sits the “Office Gatekeeper”. Your job is to find out who the decision maker is and if possible, meet them! Part of the Gatekeeper’s job description is to “protect” the decision maker. Let the game begin! You have three strategic alternatives to getting… [Read More]

You’re a Genius, but Wait to Prove It

Here’s a scenario. You’re in a meeting with a potential client, and like magic, you come up with a “BIG IDEA” that you know is the answer to helping the client make a ton of money, no less yourself. In your enthusiasm to show the client how smart you are as a marketing and advertising professional, you… [Read More]