Yearly Archives: 2019

Reading – It Can Change Your Life!

While contemplating what our last topic of the year for ENS on Sales would be, I started thumbing through some of the books that I had read and saved over the past 30 years. They reminded me of when and why I started to read. It was early into my sales career and during our… [Read More]

A Politically Incorrect Message

Those of you that have been receiving our ENS on Sales for the past several years, know that at this time of year Wayne posted his politically incorrect “Merry Christmas” message. Now that Wayne is retired and basking in the Florida sun at Christmas time, it’s my turn to carry on his tradition, although, I… [Read More]

Leap Into 2020

2020 is a Leap Year and it’s just four weeks away. Are you ready for it? Two weeks ago, we discussed the importance of writing your goals on paper. Today, I’m suggesting you ask yourself one question. That question is, “What is the most important thing you can LEARN in 2020 to get BETTER at what you… [Read More]


I am Thankful for my family, I am Thankful for my friends, I am Thankful for my community, I am Thankful for my career choice, I am Thankful for my abilities and those who have taught and guided me, I am Thankful to live in America, I am Thankful for our neighbors to the North. Canada… [Read More]

Write ’em Down

It’s that time of year. Time for setting budgets and goals for 2020. Let’s start with the difference between budgets and goals. Budgets are what you think you will do for sales in 2020. Goals are what you want. There’s a huge difference between what you think and what you want! The budgeting process is fairly easy. You did this much last year,… [Read More]