Monthly Archives: October 2010

Blogging Your Personal Brand

Blogging Your Personal Brand   John Potter, VP Training for the Radio Advertising Bureau, recently wrote ‘5 Tips To Enhance Your Image with a Killer Blog’ . He said, “If you don’t have a blog, start one” and gave these five tips to make it killer. 1. Develop a strategy. Have a general sense of… [Read More]

Clip Clop Factor

Beware of the Clip Clop Factor           Beware of background noises when you are on the phone.    I was talking to a client on his cell phone the other day who said, “I’m stuck in (clip clop) city traffic on the way to a meeting(clip clop, and I might lose you (clip clop) when I… [Read More]

Death of the RMB

To our Canadian friends;      I’m appalled at the gradual demise and subsequent death of the RMB, radio’s marketing arm in Canada.  Please read my article entitled, ‘A Sad Day for Radio’ in Broadcast Dialogue magazine by clicking on this link.      I believe a rising tide floats all boats and I’ve always been… [Read More]

Transitioning from the Front Lines to the Front of the Lines

Transitioning from the Front Lines, to the Front of the Front Lines            There is no denying that experience can be a great teacher. But all too often we promote our best ‘experienced’ sales people to sales managers with no management training or safety net.           It’s not fair to the newly appointed manager, to… [Read More]

Opportunity Perception

The Opportunity Perception           Have you heard the classic tale of two shoe salesmen who were sent to a remote village to sell shoes? When they arrived at the village, one immediately sent a message to his office saying, “No one here wears shoes. Will return tonight”.           The other salesman upon arrival, sent a… [Read More]