Monthly Archives: October 2008

Realistic Goals

The Right Goals for Tough Times   Having a goal to bill $1 million without having a plan to get there, is like dreaming of building a house without figuring out how many bricks you need to build it.             The three most important aspects of setting goals are; 1.) Have goals 2.) Have… [Read More]

The Gift of Gab

The ‘Gift’ of Gab         Every once in a while I meet a sales person who proudly proclaims, “I’ve got the gift of gab.”  In sales, that ‘gift’ is more aptly described as ‘the curse of chatter.’         Successful sales professionals know that sales is really more about listening than it is about talking.        … [Read More]

Power of the Paper Trail

Harness the Power of the Paper Trail   If the only tangible your customers receive from you is a presentation and an invoice, you are missing the boat.           The value equation is simple;   Value = Your Customer’s Expectation + or – Your Customer’s Actual Experience.             Here is the good news. YOU… [Read More]

Time Sales?

Time Sales? Radio and TV people often say they are in ‘time sales’.  But do they really realize what kind of ‘time’ is most valuable? In their book Sway, Ori and Rom Brafman examine the importance of investing your time in customer engagement.  Their study reveals a common experiential reaction from a wide range of… [Read More]

Radio’s New Future

Radio’s New Future Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerilla Marketing, is the best selling marketing series of books in history. His expertise in squeezing the most out of marketing budgets reveals an amazing new truth about advertising. Here is his most recent marketing bulletin. Advertising No Longer Has to Make the Sale Not very long ago, advertising’s… [Read More]