Monthly Archives: March 2012

What Advertisers Want

  This article by Ed Ryan of Radio Ink is a must read. We’ve been training this for years, but when it comes from an advertiser’s mouth, maybe our points will finally hit home. What Advertisers Want – By Ed Ryan, editor, Radio Ink Advertiser after advertiser, agency after agency we interview are consistent when we… [Read More]

Are You Marketing or Just Selling?

  Are You Marketing, or Just Selling?         My father once told me, “Never buy a car from an auto mechanic. After they’ve been paid to repair other people’s cars all day, the last thing they want to do is take care of their own car for free”.         Most radio stations suffer from the… [Read More]

The Account Executive Vs the Sales Rep

The Account Executive Vs the Sales Rep           What you do after the sale separates an Account Executive from a salesperson.           In his book, Selling to VITO, Very Important Top Officer, Anthony Parinello explains, “Many salespeople have learned what it takes to talk a good game. They are so far-removed from what customers actually… [Read More]