Monthly Archives: April 2020

On Your Mark, Get Set …

Are your clients’ businesses ready to open when they say, “GO”? By nearly all indications, businesses will be reopening sooner than later. When they do, the sound of doorbells and cash registers will once again be heard ringing throughout the cities and towns across North America. It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL sound! The title of… [Read More]

Predicting the Future

“New Normal” is the new catchphrase these days, but what will the “new normal” look and sound like?   If you have stepped up your reading game in the past five weeks, you have seen and read all the new predictions. They are a dime a dozen. Restaurants will have far fewer tables, working from… [Read More]

It Isn’t Over…But We’re Getting Closer!

Just the sound of those words is refreshing, exciting, motivating, uplifting and energizing! And the good news is, the words are true! Regardless of how much longer this lasts, we are closer to the end than we were four weeks ago when the title of our ENS on Sales was, What You Say and Do Now,… [Read More]

A Message of Value

“King of Sales” Jeffrey Gitomer was quoted as saying, “Dude, you’re gonna lose all your customers if you don’t reach them with a message of value every week”. That statement is always true, but now more than ever. Are you reaching your clients and prospects with a message that provides value to them… every week? When the storm we’re… [Read More]

Now What?

Now that the business world, from an advertising standpoint, has slowed to a crawl, the question is, “Now what?” What is there to do? The truth is, not nearly as much as normal, but there are still things you can and should be doing. Start by planning your day. Nearly all of you are working from home… [Read More]