Monthly Archives: August 2017

That’s Not Branding

Our TOMA (Top-of-Mind Awareness) Surveys consistently and convincingly prove radio’s effectiveness, but occasionally a ‘good’ radio advertiser does not fare well in the survey. On those rare occasions, we dig deeper to help the advertiser create a campaign that works. We begin the process by capturing the local knowledge of the radio account executive. Very… [Read More]

Your Competitive Edge

A friend of mine, remarking on my extensive library of books on advertising, sales, and management, said, “Wow, did you read all of those books? Your library must be worth a fortune.” Yes, I did read them all!  Advertising and sales management has been a passion of mine since I sold my first ad nearly… [Read More]

Fishing vs Catching

I don’t get a chance to go fishing very often, so when I took a day off last week to go Muskie fishing I was reminded of some valuable sales lessons;     1.)  Persistence pays off. We had fished hard all day from 8 AM until 6:30 PM without any luck, and were ready… [Read More]