Monthly Archives: May 2021

Love at First Sight – Who Get’s the Credit?

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Sure there is, but in most cases, it’s a process. The question is… Who gets the credit for closing the deal? Here’s a real-life example of the point I’m trying to make. Through a mutual friend, I introduce Gary to Bonnie. I then arrange, through another… [Read More]

Nobody – Never – Everyone

Be honest… when was the last time you used these words or others like them when talking about other advertising mediums or your competition? In return, when was the last time a client or prospect used these words, and you became defensive? It’s common to hear comments from clients like: “Nobody listens to radio anymore, do… [Read More]

Raising Kids – Raising Sellers!

You Have Two Minutes to Get Me in A Good Mood! (The article I’m sharing with you today was first written nearly two years ago but never sent out to our subscribers. As we are spending time with our son and his family on vacation and watching them raise and guide their children, it reminded me… [Read More]