Monthly Archives: May 2016

Every Dog Has Its’ Day

  It seems the glimmer is already beginning to dim on the early front runners in digital media.             Once the fore-runner  in ‘new’ media advertising, online display advertising’s share of digital ad spend  is predicted to decline by 12.4% over the next four years, according to a January 2016 Ad Buyer Survey conducted by Cowan… [Read More]


Our friends in digital media have been much more effective at harnessing the power of words than we have. While we had ‘ratings’, they introduced ‘big data’ making our mere ratings seem pitifully small. While we merely ‘reach’ people, our digital friends claimed to ‘engage’ them. Can you see the difference? I learned very early… [Read More]

When Did Broadcasting Become a Dirty Word?

There is an old story about the Jaguar salesperson who lost a sale to rocker ‘Rompin Ronnie Hawkins’ because he pre-qualified him. The successful rockabilly singer did not want for cash, but didn’t look like a typical Jaguar customer when he entered the Toronto dealership with his long hair, a beard, and tattered jeans. The… [Read More]

The Early Bird

  Nowhere is the expression, “the early bird gets the worm” more relevant than in advertising sales. There is a reason why seasonal markets, like snowmobiling, motorcycling or boating, have their big marketing events and consumer shows long before the season begins. Skiers buy their ski wear pre-season to be ready to hit the slopes with… [Read More]

It’s Time to Put Media Use Into Perspective

There is no doubt about the explosive growth of digital. But it still has a long way to go to catch up to radio. We often hear about fragmentation in radio audiences, with some advertisers complaining about there being too many stations in a market. By the way, these same advertisers would be absolutely delighted… [Read More]