Monthly Archives: November 2019

Write ’em Down

It’s that time of year. Time for setting budgets and goals for 2020. Let’s start with the difference between budgets and goals. Budgets are what you think you will do for sales in 2020. Goals are what you want. There’s a huge difference between what you think and what you want! The budgeting process is fairly easy. You did this much last year,… [Read More]

Prepare for Battle – Support Your Local Retailers

I can hear it now, the battle cry inside the walls of Amazon, Wayfair, and all the other e-commerce companies sounds something like this, “Let’s take another BRICK out of the Brick N Mortars”. What’s up for grabs this holiday shopping season? $1,000,000,000,000 – That’s ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! The e-commerce companies are licking their chops. With six… [Read More]

The Game of Search and Click

We have all had clients tell us they “surveyed” their customers about how they found them. In today’s New Media World, digital tends to garner the majority of the credit. To a degree, this is a justified response. After all, in many cases, digital was the last medium the customer may have used. But, WHY did they click… [Read More]