Monthly Archives: September 2016

Why Don’t You Believe in Advertising?

How long would I have to listen to your station before I heard a promotion for Facebook? … “Follow us on Facebook, see the details on our Facebook page”. Radio advertising works. Facebook has probably been promoted on radio millions of times across the land and look how successful they’ve been. Now, how long would… [Read More]

In case you missed it, a panel discussion at last week’s NAB Radio Show destroyed a number of myths about radio;

Myth: “AM/FM radio has very low weekly reach” (Fact: A perception of 64% vs. 93% in reality) Myth: “TV is the way to reach millennials” (Fact: AM/FM radio has a weekly reach of 93% among 18-34-year-olds, compared to 73% for television) Myth: “Audience shares of Pandora and Spotify are almost equal to AM/FM” (Fact: AM/FM… [Read More]

Beating the ‘New’ Radio Competitors

  Rapidly changing technology means that everyone from Pandora to Facebook and from SiriusXM to YouTube will be increasing their efforts to cultivate terrestrial radio’s biggest revenue source, local advertising. In a recent Citi Global Technology Conference in New York, Pandora’s Tim Westergren, admitted the one thing Pandora will never be able to do, is… [Read More]

How to Sell More

In last week’s ENS on Sales we discussed the fact that you don’t have to represent the number one station to be number one in sales. We used the example of Fucillo KIA in Cape Coral Florida who sells more than 1,000 cars a month, even though KIA is not the number one brand car… [Read More]

You Can Be Number One

You don’t have to represent “number one” to be number one. There are more than 200 car brands being sold in North America. So it’s fair to say that auto sales are a very competitive market. And KIA certainly is not the number one selling brand. Yet Fuccillo KIA in Cape Coral, Florida sells more… [Read More]