Monthly Archives: May 2015

Downside of Relationships

If you have been on our website you know our motto is “Helping media companies and advertisers to establish stronger more profitable relationships.”     But there can be a downside to ‘relationships’.     I talked to a radio salesperson last week who had left the competition’s cluster to join my client’s station cluster.  Upon arriving at… [Read More]

Canadian Radio’s Fear Factor

 In the past few weeks, I’ve learned one of the reasons why we don’t have an industry organization promoting radio to advertisers in Canada. I’ve long been a proponent of the merits of industry organizations like Canada’s defunct Radio Marketing Bureau and the Radio Advertising Bureau in the U.S. I remain a firm believer that… [Read More]

A ‘Must Read’Article About Radio Influence

Did you see the article in Forbes Magazine declaring Radio deserves a much bigger piece of the automotive advertising pie? And did you happen to see the CTV expose’ where the Better Business Bureau has named fraudulent online reviews as one of the Top 10 Scams? Amidst all of the digital media hype, many truths… [Read More]

Are you Leading or Following?

When I was a rookie radio rep, it only took me only a few months to start out-billing the more experienced senior reps on the team. Why? Not because I’m a genius, but because I knew my competition. Back then, newspaper was our biggest competitor, and I had worked in newspaper prior to making the… [Read More]