Monthly Archives: March 2010

Take Responsibility for Sales

Take Responsibility for Sales            When sales organizations are not achieving their targets, they often point their fingers at individual sales people. The three most common criticisms these organizations default to are; 1.) Our people don’t prospect enough; not enough cold calls. 2.) They don’t know how to handle objections. 3.) They don’t know how… [Read More]

How Much Service Do Key Accounts Deserve

How Much Service Do Key Accounts Deserve?              One of the sales managers using our SoundADvice radio e-marketing system emailed this question recently;             John just received another cancellation this week. He is a powerful closer but his eagerness to move on to the next sale limits the service he gives his clients.  He says… [Read More]

Fire Yourself

Fire Yourself and Start Over            I happened to be at a client’s station the other day when a listener came in to pick up a prize they had won. One of the station’s staff asked if the winner wanted a tour of the station.           I couldn’t believe the response. You would think they… [Read More]


How to By-pass the Gatekeeper           We have all seen them. Those steadfast front office gatekeepers who are trained to ‘protect’ the decision maker from you.           You have three strategic alternatives to getting past these sales preventers; 1.) Go around them. 2.) Wait until they die or leave the company. 3.) Win them over…. [Read More]

Busy in Not a Good Word

Busy Is Not A Good Word            Paul Orfalea, founder of the Kinko’s chain of copy stores, said, "Busy is not a good word. It’s not a good excuse. Come on, it’s common sense. Get it done; delegate it.”           Mr. Orfalea, nicknamed "Kinko" because of his curly red hair, has seen the chain he… [Read More]