Monthly Archives: August 2012

Oh, No! Not Another ‘Secret’

Oh, No! Not Another ‘Secret’ I counted no less than 11 emails I received this past Monday offering to reveal ‘secrets’ to me. I’m well aware that there are words like ‘free’ or ‘new’ or perhaps ‘secrets’ that are proven to capture attention. Here’s my big ‘secret’. The words you choose have to be the… [Read More]

Business Is Booming!

Business Is Booming! Remember when your prospects agreed with the emotional power of the human voice, music and sound, but insisted they needed print for pictures in their advertising and to laundry-list details and features? Of course we told them about the intrusive nature of radio and better pictures via ‘the theatre of the mind’,… [Read More]

A Look in the Mirror

A Look in the Mirror I’m frustrated and annoyed with many of the managers in the broadcast industry. We manage the most powerful and persuasive media in the world and we don’t use it to market ourselves! When was the last time you heard anything on a newscast about new research outlining broadcast’s continuing dominance… [Read More]

Read the Newspaper?

Read the Newspaper? I was visiting my daughter and son-in-law yesterday when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.My son-in-law said, "This is the 21st Century, old man. We’re environmentally conscious and we certainly don’t waste money on newspapers." He then said, "Here, you can borrow my iPad." I did, and I can tell… [Read More]

When It Feels Like Christmas

When It Feels Like Christmas You know, "the early bird gets the worm." You probably also can guess what date you can expect Christmas this year. Yet many media account executives will be panicked and running around like frantic last-minute Christmas shoppers, trying to pick up the crumbs left by more professional account executives who… [Read More]