Monthly Archives: June 2021

Your Patience Will Pay

You’ll know it when you see, or should I say, feel it… a business owner with a true passion for their business! There’s at least one or more in every business category. They come in all shapes and sizes… an attorney or a veterinarian, an autobody repair shop, a roofing contractor, an accountant, a dentist, or… [Read More]

What If…

Here’s something for you to ponder… What if radio stations never mentioned Facebook on the air… How popular would it be today? What if radio never mentioned Amazon, other than the paid ads we ran for them… How big would they be today? What if radio never mentioned Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, or any… [Read More]

Turning “No” into Magic  

One of the most frightening words for a media rep to say to a prospect or client is, “No”! “No, we cannot offer that rate for that time frame.” “No, I can’t get you on tomorrow. We are past the production deadline!” “No, I can’t get you on this week. We are sold out”. “No, we… [Read More]